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B-Scan Ultrasonography

At Khyber Eye Foundation, we offer cutting-edge B-Scan ultrasonography, a vital diagnostic tool that provides detailed imaging of the eye’s internal structures. B-Scan, short for brightness scan, utilizes high-frequency sound waves to create precise cross-sectional images of the eye, offering valuable insights into ocular anatomy and pathology.

During a B-Scan procedure, a small probe is gently placed on the eyelid, transmitting sound waves into the eye. These waves bounce off internal tissues, creating echoes that are converted into visual images by a computer. This non-invasive imaging technique allows our skilled ophthalmologists to visualize structures such as the retina, vitreous humor, lens, and optic nerve with exceptional clarity.

B-Scan ultrasound is particularly beneficial in the evaluation of conditions that may not be easily visualized with traditional examination methods, such as retinal detachments, vitreous hemorrhages, intraocular tumors, and foreign bodies. It also aids in the preoperative assessment of complex eye surgeries and postoperative monitoring of treatment outcomes.

At Khyber Eye Foundation, our experienced team of ophthalmic specialists utilizes state-of-the-art B-Scan technology to provide accurate diagnoses and guide personalized treatment plans for our patients. With our commitment to excellence in eye care, we strive to deliver the highest standard of diagnostic imaging services to optimize patient outcomes and preserve vision.

Contact us today to schedule your comprehensive eye evaluation and experience the difference our advanced B-Scan imaging services can make in safeguarding your ocular health and well-being.